For over 10 years, award winning photographer Joy Jacobs has created a sparkling collection of photography  and video for influential brands in the beauty, fashion, tech, spirits and hospitality industries. Her high performing digital content has illuminated the pages of The New York Times, Vogue, Vanity Fair, W, New York Magazine, StyleCaster, Forbes, Travel & Leisure and Elle, among others.

Joy Will Bring You Joy

“An artistic and nurturing presence, Joy is an incredible spirit and lives up to her name because she is a joy to be around. She makes friends with everyone around her, and she has the most inviting smile. Joy has a big heart and emulates individuality, innate social aptitude, respect, and unique creative qualities and without any sense of ego or hierarchy. She is down to earth and brings with her a sense of grace. Joy is the rarest gem.”

–Jesse Kovarsky, Broadway Dancer, Model and Muse

“Joy has the rare ability to make people so comfortable that they let go of their insecurities and really shine. She captures this authenticity and vulnerability in all her photos. Professionally, Joy offers photographs and film that is colorful, positive, and awe-inspiring. It is not a coincidence because this is the spirit she brings to those around her. Her work is an embodiment of what she brings to the world around her. Joy’s energy is contagious which is why her portrait work captures the inner beauty of those in front of her lens.

In her personal life, Joy emphasizes community and family. She is the glue to a lot of social circles and wins people over with her kindness and humble nature. She is a strong woman empowered by the people around her and her own self-love. Having her around uplifts the room and creative processes.”

–Elana Jacobs, Artistic Director, CabinFever